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The 1st proclaimed "EntreprenARTIST". full of hopes and dreams.
I'm an illustrator, graphic designer, musician, and writer.
I'm a lover of life, space, and the stars.
I want to own a piece of real estate for every season of the year.
Summer is my time to shine, though.
I like to collect bottle caps of awesome drinks.
I have a monster of an imagination.
I am a connoisseur of cheesecakes.
I love a woman with dangerous curves.
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I honestly shocked myself. let’s say if i won a jackpot for $500 million or whatever, i think i’d end up giving away more than i might spend. 

Right off the bat, mom and dad would both get checks for $50 mil (BOOM. retired). my 4 little brothers and sisters would each $100K (college fund? no sweat). i’d donate $1.5 mil to my old highschool and middle school. 

I’d donate another $1.5 mil to my uncle’s Boys & Girls Club that he runs. 

I’d throw about $5-10K to each friend who’s helped me out in a tough situation or who’s just generally been a good fuckin’ friend.

I’d have lunch or dinner at an IHOP or WaHo and leave a $100 tip at every waiter’s table. 

I’d do some generous shit, man… 

*le sigh* 

And then i got out and stepped back into reality. oh, well.

Settle down, kids. there’s no need to fight for room.

Black people…look at what you started.

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WHAT, WHAT! someone up there must’ve decided to give me a break. well, about. got. damn. time lol 

I’m just excited to start working some REAL hours at a real job. 

I wish i had some liquor to celebrate, i wanna get mah drank on!! :D

I think most people (including me) just wanna be rich because they’ve never had a lot of extra money before in their lives. they’ve always slaved away to pay bills and end up repeating the same cycle year after year. 

Sure, there are the handful of cases where an individual strikes it rich, opens a successful business with some accumulated savings, or receives a nice inheritance. but in those same cases, there are those who don’t know how to handle money and make it work for them, so they end up squandering all their millions, and declare bankruptcy, like they’d expect it to regenerate itself overnight. 

I don’t know where i’m going with this post, it’s just something that puzzles/came to me. i know i want to be ridiculously successful, but i also know that i have to invest it wisely so i don’t join the statistic i stated above. 

Ya know, be SMART with my money and not let it feed my impulses. 

Pardon me while i feel all grown-up for a few minutes.